To US Wood Power,  home of Vendel’s  Gasifier

With the rising cost of fuel, which is expected to be followed shortly by rising cost of electricity, many people are looking for sensible alternatives.

Amazingly, there have been many excellent, useful devices and methods going back to the mid 1800’s and beyond that are viable and useful in an off-grid or reduced energy location. Abundant, cheap fossil fuels caused many of these inventions to be shelved and forgotten, but some, such as the wood gasifier, are making a come back and being improved upon to reach surprisingly useful results.

Vendel Keresztyen, an engineer immigrant from Hungary, now living in Central Texas, has built an improved gasifier which produces a generous amount of fuel called “wood gas” from a comparatively small amount of material. More research and development is currently underway.

Among Mr Vendel’s current and recent projects are the gasifierrocket stoves, steam engines, electricity generating windmills and PV (solar) systems, custom built charge controllers and many innovative car and truck modifications.

See Vendel’s Gassifer on his YouTube channel:


If you are interested in purchasing a gasifier or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop him a line via the contact page