Wind turbine sale

I sell a 48 magnet 2 stator wind turbine.

The wattage it is Up to the strenght of the wind. But with 10 miles of wind 1200-1500 watts able to make.  What nice with it 4-6 miles wind ready charging my battery bank.

I paid for the magnet 8.5 dollars a piece, 432 dollars with shipping The steel parts together 360.00 dollars. Stator casting mold 39.00 dollars Magnet wires 2×38.00 dollars. Misc; bolts and hardware  10.00 dollars. I did put in it about 25 hours labor. I was thinking to sell it 1150.00 dollars.  Working great and no service requvired.  I made for 6 blade but I think the best only 3 blades.

You have  to buy the blades separetly